HASHIMOTO Kayoko was born in Tokyo. She has been associated with the haiku magazin Suimei, studying haiku under HASEGAWA Kanajo( a well-known woman haiku master ) ,Akiko and the current master,HOSHINO Saichi.

She graduated from Keio University and did graduate work at the East-West Center of the University of Hawaii. After teaching at Keio for thirty-two years, she taught at Yamawaki Gakuen Junior College.

She is a counselor of the Haiku International Association and a member of the Haiku Poets Association, Keio University's Haiku Association of Hill, Japan Contemporary Anglo-American Poetry Society and Japan Comparative Literature Association. Her books include the bilingual Japanese-English haiku collections; Requiem and Camellias, and she is co-author, with WATANABE Yukitoshi, World Now.

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